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Imagine living in a world without tons of landfill petroleum plastic releasing methane gas into our atmosphere.  Imagine petroleum plastic water bottles, syringes, food containers no longer leaching cancer-causing toxins and heavy metals into their contents.  Imagine most people being free from the cancers, tumors, birth defects and other side effects that have been attributed to our petroleum plastic world.  Sound too good to be true?  The damage that has been done to us and our environment is almost irreversible, but it is not too late.  It's time to reduce our dependency on oil.


Bioplastics International offers a large assortment of bio resins from corn, sugarcane, potatoes, sugar beets, and many other plant starches.  Our bioplastic resins are sustainable, renewable, and compostable.  As a solutions provider, we offer the largest selection of bioplastic resins in the world.  No need to call a large number of companies to find the resins you need, we are the representative for many bioplastic resin manufacturers worldwide.  We specialize in the creation of custom bioplastic resins, for almost any product. 


We also offer an organic, microbial, biodegradable additive, to be added at 1% to any plastic resin, PE, PET, PP, PC, PS, PVC, or Rubber.  FDA and EU approved for food contact, FTC and REACH compliant.   Recyclable, heat and cold resistant, indefinate shelf life.  Your products will legally be biodegradable.  This is a one of a kind pure organic additive, no toxins or heavy metals.  No fragmenting, or toxic residues, as with other additives.  Certified biodegradable with ASTM D5511 and ASTM D5526.



Bioplastics Market Worldwide Will Grow To 5 Million Tons In 2015 From 200,000 Tons In 2006.

By Helmut Kaiser Consultancy

Dated: Apr 23, 2009


Global plastics consumption is forecast to grow more than 5% annually and exceed 500 billion pounds in 2010, creating a global plastics consumption of more than 15 billion pounds per year.  The bioplastics market is growing more rapidly as these products have begun to replace conventional plastics in the food packaging, medical, toys and textile industires.  With new innovations expected in the near future, there will be additional applications for bioplastics in automobiles and electronics, where plastics play a major role.  

A new market report from Helmut Kaiser Consultancy reveals that the worldwide bioplastics market will grow 20% to 30% annually to 5 million tons in 2015 from 200,000 Tons in 2006.  Bioplastics presently represent approximately 10%-15% of the total plastics market and will increase market share to 25%-30% by 2020.  The plastics market itself is huge, reaching more than $1 billion in 2007 and is expected to rise to more than $10 billion by 2020.   More than 500 bioplastics processing companies are already operating and more than 5,000 companies are expected to compete by 2020.  Several long-term trends will drive the increasing use of bioplastics, including volatile oil prices, energy security concerns, favorable regulatory initiatives related to the environmental benefits of bioplastics, and the improving performance and competitiveness of bioplastic resins.