Bioplastics International

About Bioplastics: The Better Alternative

Bioplastics come from a renewable resource, plants.  Starches are extracted from the plant source, and then converted into sugars.  Microorganisms convert the sugar into lactic acid, through fermentation.  The lactic acid molecules link to form rings called lactide monomer, and these lactide rings link together to form polylactide polymer.  This process is called polymerization.

Our high performance bioplastics combine exceptional wear resistance with high strength, thermal and dimensional stability as well as chemical resistance in both dry and lubricated environments.


  • Bioplastic has excellent gloss as well as transparency.


  • Bioplastic can outperform traditional synthetics for UV light resistance, hypoallergenic properties, outstanding moisture management, stain resistance, low odor retention, easy care, comfort and insulation properties.


  • Bioplastic leaches no toxins, and burns 100% clean.


  • Bioplastic is 100% recyclable, compostable, and is an odorless polymer.


  • Bioplastic pricing will not fluctuate with the price of oil.


According to a report from the International Energy Association:


  • Output from the world's oil fields is declining at a rate of 9%.


  • Oil prices will rebound to more than $100 a barrel as soon as the economy recovers and will exceed $200 by 2030.