Bioplastics International

The Future Is Here:

Bioplastics are not a fad.  The use of bioplastics is a movement, backed by an ever-growing tidal wave of consumer interest and government mandates. Many countries around the world have acknowledged the toxic effects of petroleum plastic on the environment and on their citizens and have taken measures to address these urgent concerns. Mexico City, Dubai, Taiwan, Delhi, Rio de Janeiro as well as many American cities have already banned petroleum plastic bags.  Europe has banned all petroleum plastics containing the toxin Bisphenol A, and many more petroleum plastic products are expected to be banned worldwide in the near future.


The plastics industry is a highly profitable one.  Is it right that we destroy our atmosphere, soil, freshwater resources, and poison our current and future human and animal populations because of corporate greed when a viable business alternative exists?  We don't think so.  We hope you will join our movement, and help bring our water soluble PVA bags, films, and products to the world.

Starch based bioplastic bags may take years to compost in a landfill.  They will take years to dissolve in the oceans.  PVA bags will dissolve in water, to carbon dioxide and water.