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Imagine living in a world without tons of landfill petroleum plastic releasing methane gas into our atmosphere.  Imagine petroleum plastic water bottles, syringes, food containers, bags, no longer leaching cancer-causing toxins and heavy metals into their contents.  Imagine most people being free from the cancers, tumors, birth defects and other side effects that have been attributed to our petroleum plastic world.  Sound too good to be true?  The damage that has been done to us and our environment is almost irreversible, but it is not too late.  It's time to reduce our dependency on oil.


Bioplastics International offers the world's first and only non fossil fuel sugar cane PVA, including a large assortment of bio resins and products from bagasse, corn, sugarcane, potatoes, and many other plant starches.  We manufacture Bio PLA, PBAT, PHA, PBS, TPE, TPU, PHB, VAE, Bagasse, Plant Based Gel, and Sugar Cane PVA.  As a solutions provider, we offer the largest selection of bioplastic resins in the world.  No need to call a large number of companies to find the resins or products you need, we are the one stop shop.  We specialize in the creation of custom bioplastic resins, and products.  We have the capability to manufacture any product you may need.


We are on a mission to save the world's oceans, deserts, and the planet, from plastic pollution.  We have created the world's first and only US Patent Pending, sugar cane PVA, Polyvinyl Alcohol, with bags, packaging films, cling films, fiber, agriculture mulch films, laundry bags, dog waste bags, laundry pods, and many more products.  Our sugar cane PVA products will dissolve in water in minutes to months, we control it.  PVA is approved by the USFDA for human consumption.  PVA will not interfere with the recycle stream.  Our sugar cane PVA contains no toxins, no chemicals, no fossil fuels, no heavy metals, no plastics, no microplastics.  All other PVA is made from fossil fuel natural gas, which causes acidification of our oceans.

Paper bags are terrible for the environment.  Trees must be cut down,  the carbon footprint to make paper bags is horrific.  The highly toxic thousands of chemicals and glues in paper bags leach into the soil and water systems from landfills.   Paper bags will emit methane gas into the atmosphere while decomposing in a landfill, for years.  80% of paper bags end up in a landfill.  People think paper bags are the answer to saving the environment, however, this is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated against humanity.

70% of the oxygen we breathe come from the ocean.
13 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year.
The plastic garbage patch in the pacific ocean is larger than India.
Plastic kills more than one million marine creatures every year.
Thousands of sea turtles die each year, from eating plastic bags.
Thousands of camels die each year, from eating plastic bags.
Marine plastic enters our food chain in the form of micro plastics.
Our oceans contain more than 100 million tons of plastic.
By 2050, the weight of marine plastic will exceed the weight of all the fish in the ocean.

500 billion plastic bags are used annually throughout the world.
2 million plastic bags used every minute, this is insane!
The average lifespan of a plastic bag is 15 minutes, and for this, our planet is being destroyed.

PVA bags and products can be eaten and easily passed through the digestive systems of marine mammals, fish, birds, and humans.

PVA is approved for human consumption by the FDA.

PVA products will safely dissolve in water in minutes, to bio carbon dioxide and water.  We can adjust the temperature when they will dissolve.

PVA is currently used in the medical and food industries. it is used as a food additive, in dairy products , baked foods, candy, dried fruits, cereals, eyedrops, time release pill capsules, as well as human body implants.

No more confusion about biodegradable, compostable, bio based, and more.  We have a new level, above all others, water soluble.

Our Sugar Cane PVA is blown, injection and extrusion moldable.  We can manufacture many different products with PVA.

Our new focus is to offer PVA water soluble bags, films, and products to the world, and to rid the world of plastic  pollution once and for all.  

For bags, please email us the measurements of the bags, films, or products you need, as well as the thickness in microns, your logo, and your approximate monthly volume needed.  Our PVA bags may cost a little more than paper bags, however, at what price do we place to save the oceans, the planet, all living creatures, including humans, from a slow death by toxic plastic?

Please help us on our journey, request that your government will mandate sugar cane PVA bags in your country.   You can help to save thousands of marine mammals, fish, and land animals today.  We can all work together to eliminate the scourge of plastic pollution, before it eliminates us.