Bioplastics International

 New Focus: Water Soluble PVA Bags, Packaging Films, Products:

We are environmentalists first.  Although we have manufactured starch based bioplastic resins for many years, our new focus and direction is with sugar cane PVA, Polyvinyl Alcohol bags, packaging films, and products. Our sugar cane PVA is completely harmless, non toxic, sturdier than traditional plastic, and will completely dissolve in water within minutes, at the temperature we choose.  PVA contains no plastic, and it is not bioplastic.  It will not interfere with the recycling stream.  Our plant based PVA is truly the only plastic substitute, to rid the world of plastic pollution once and for all.  With our sugar cane PVA, there are no compost issues, no biodegradable issues, it simply dissolves in water, within minutes, with no microplastics.

Products For Our Resins Include:

Forks, Spoons, Knives, Straws                 Credit Cards     

Drinking cups, Coffee cups                       Hotel Key Cards

Clam Shell Food Storage Items                Golf Balls

Plates, Bowls                                           Disposable Lighters

Serving Trays                                           Pill Bottles

Herb & Spice Containers                         Golf Tees 

Cooking Oil Containers                            Boxed Wine Liners

Bottled Water Preforms                            Milk Containers

Vegetable Crates, Egg Containers            Medical Packaging

Garbage Bags, Lawn Bags                        IV Bags

Saran Wrap, Ziploc Bags,                        Surgical Masks

Catheter Bags                                           Law Enforcement Breathalizers/Tasers

Shampoo Containers                                 Stitching Materials

Suntan Lotion Bottles                                Dental Trays

Disposable Shavers                                  Packaging of all kinds

Tooth Brushes                                           Baby Bottles

Reusable Sports Bottles                           Toys